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To download a copy of AuctionRPM, click on the button above. You will be supplied with a registration code that will unlock the software for the next 30 days.

Don't forget that we can give you a guided tour of the software over the phone. We can even connect to your computer and actually SHOW you how this software can both SAVE and MAKE you money!

If you would rather learn the software at your own pace, download and print the AuctionRPM Tour Guide. This document will guide you through setting up your first auction. 

Specific Technical Support Files

AuctionRPM Help File

Click here to download the latest help file.

Two Dimensional (2D) Barcode Reader - Virtual Serial Port Drivers

As with the magnetic strip reader mentioned above, a 2D barcode reader can read the two dimensional barcodes that are present on the backs of drivers licenses in certain states. (Click here for a document with more information on knowing how information is stored on drivers licenses and how you can read it.) This file contains a set of drivers that will enable you to read such 2D barcode data from within AuctionRPM

This file also contains a document entitled "How To Install 2D Barcode Scanner To Work With AuctionRPM.doc". Please consult this document for more information.


If you are utilizing our ZumBid online auction website, RPM-Gateway is a piece of software that is installed on your server. It maintains communications with your ZumBid website in the sense that it forms a bridge between your local installation of AuctionRPM and the catalogs that are shown on the ZumBid site.Typically you would not install this software unless your AuctionRPM Software technician indicates it is necessary to do so.

RPM - Mobilink

Some of our products such as RPM-Mobile for iPad and RPM-MobilePC usilize a server software called RPM-Mobilink. This software is installed on your server and it serves data to the RPM-Mobile for iPad and RPM-MobilePC remote computer software. Typically you would not install this software unless your AuctionRPM Software technician indicates it is necessary to do so.

AuctionRPM - Service Pack 3

This service corrects a situation where the updates system doesn't download the current updates. Download this file and run it to enable automatic AuctionRPM web updates.

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" Performed flawlessly through every auction. "
— Mike Morrison - Pacific Restaurant Equipment, LLC

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Did You Know ...

AuctionRPM is now installed in hundreds of offices around the world including the United States, Canada, Ireland, England, South Africa, Venezuela, and Australia.

Windows Compatibility
AuctionRPM supports all versions of Windows, including Windows 10, 8, 7, etc.

VIN Decoding
You can decode Vehicle Identification Numbers with AuctionRPM.

Credit Card Processing
AuctionRPM now supports credit card processing! Our Merchant Services provide a great way to lower your costs of credit card processing.

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