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Bullseye Auction Group
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Grayson, Ga 30017
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302-374-1922 (fax)

Dan and Max,

Throughout my entire professional career I can’t think of a more accommodating, helpful, pleasant and easy group to deal with. From the time I placed my first call to Max to discuss Auction RPM until my latest “technical” discussion with Dan, I’ve never received anything but first class treatment from you. I’ll be honest with you, there were times I thought I was your only client. Seriously! I wondered how you could be making any money with only me. When I discovered you actually have a vast client base that you’ve developed over years of perfecting your product, I was really amazed! How could you show so much attention to me and my group with all of the other concerns you must have?

I have used several other auction management software programs such as (omitted) and others. They all have their good points and bad but I’m convinced that Auction RPM is ALL good and outperforms the others hands down! I’ve never used a simpler program. Everything is extremely intuitive and just makes sense. If something isn’t right or isn’t just like I need it to be it has always been addressed and corrected. Your willingness to support your clients forever, whether they purchase or rent the software, speaks volumes about you and your belief in your product!

In the few months that I’ve used Auction RPM and ZumBid you have given me back some of my life. It seems that a lot of lost time has been restored. I wish I would have found you years ago. You would have saved me many late nights and LOTS of headaches!

Please feel free to share my information and this recommendation with anyone you’d like. You guys are the greatest!


Rick Sammons

Lakeview Auctions
Clifton, Maine

To Whom It May Concern:

AuctionRPM was a God send to us several years ago.  We purchased it after 2 years of trying to build our own program, it has all the features we need and is very easy to use.  Even though we have cut down on our auctions, we still use this program for all our auction needs, from mailing lists, emails, pre-logging the sale, catalogs and accounting after the sale.  We highly recommend it for everyone in the auction business. 


Selina and Mike Lufkin
Lakeview Auctions
Clifton, Maine

Quaker City Auctioneers
2860 Memphis Street
Philadelphia, PA  19134

Quaker City Auctioneers has been with Auction RPM since 2004 and we are very happy by the quick response and attentiveness to all of our needs. Thanks for your help and support over the years and we hope to continue our relationship into the future.

Brandt Wolf
Quaker City Auctioneers

Pacific Restaurant Equipment, LLC
5555 SW 107th Ave
Beaverton, OR  97005

We have been using Auction RPM software for 3 years now.  Although we don't use nearly all of the capabilities of this software, the parts we do need have been very easy to use and have performed flawlessly through every auction.

We have used the software for over 30 auctions since the time we purchased it. We needed a little bit of operational help to get through our first auction and the support was quick and very responsive.

Mike Morrison
Pacific Restaurant Equipment, LLC

Center Street Auction House
821 Center St.
Taft, CA 91607


I am pleased to tell you we had our grand opening auction and it was a success! We had great turnout and people really seemed to enjoy themselves. I am also pleased to tell you that AuctionRPM worked absolutely seamlessly. Amidst the chaos of the first auction, not once was anything stalled or held-up due to your software. Even in pre and post auction activities. It was extremely easy to set-up and run a live auction using it. All of our computers have RPM installed and that's all, it covers every aspect of the business! Thank you for developing a software that has proven to be so beneficial.


Guy Lewis
Center Auctions

FROM: Steve Jax, Jax Auctions
TO: Dan at Symmetric Software

Cool, and the hits keep on coming...What a cool deal, being able to create an HTML inventory for upload in seconds...

This software rocks! Keep up the GREAT work...

Steve Jax

FROM: Tim Lee, The Auction Gallery, Loretto Tn
TO: Symmetric Software

The AuctionRPM program is an essential part of our business. We could not operate without it! It is a database that is extremely well thought out. This package has everything we need to keep up with our Consigners, Buyers, Inventory and all of the accounting that each one acquires. Every problem we have had has been of our own misunderstanding of how the program works but, the prompt and courteous service that we receive always gets us right back on track. There is no reason why any Auction House or any type of Auction Company would need to spend more for less.

Thanks for all your hard work to make our business better!

Tim & Nathan Lee
The Auction Gallery

FROM: Joe and Deborah Bernhard
TO: To all the staff at Auction RPM / Symmetric Software.

Just wanted to write a quick note to let you guys know that we really appriciate you guys being so helpful and easy to conduct business with.

From the moment we spoke on the telephone the first time, before you guys had any reason to believe we would become a client of yours you guys were great. You took the time to answer every one of our questions, without making us fell pressed for time. Once we ordered the software you guys spent the time needed over the phone to get us comfortable with the software. We are now using the software everyday at our retail store as a "point of sale" and we are using it at our auctions.

The software is GREAT!. It is really easy to use, very easy to understand and most important "idiot" proof. As we are not "computer" people we had serious reservations about moving to a computer from our old way of handwritting everything. I can tell you this is one of the best business decisions we have made. I am truly amazed at how much easier this software has made our daily lives. What took 30 minutes or so in the past now takes us about 30 seconds. I cannot recommend this software enough.

If you guys want to give our telephone number to anyone that is thinking about using your software I will be happy to speak to them. Again, thank you guys very much.

Joe and Deborah Bernhard
Sarasota Bargain Center

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" AuctionRPM was a God send to us several years ago. "
—Selina and Mike Lufkin, Lakeview Auctions

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AuctionRPM is now installed in hundreds of offices around the world including the United States, Canada, Ireland, England, South Africa, Venezuela, and Australia.

Windows Compatibility
AuctionRPM supports all versions of Windows, including Windows 10, 8, 7, etc.

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You can decode Vehicle Identification Numbers with AuctionRPM.

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AuctionRPM now supports credit card processing! Our Merchant Services provide a great way to lower your costs of credit card processing.

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