What is AuctionRPM?

AuctionRPM is a complete auction management suite, capable of handling everything including …

Inventory Management

The inventory management screen is designed to keep track of all information for each item you sell.

Whether you conduct pre-lotted auctions (the computer is aware of what you are selling before the day of the sale) or non-lotted auctions (the computer learns about the item that is being sold at the very moment that it sells), AuctionRPM keeps track of each item in the inventory master.

This includes the description, who the consignor is, if there is a reserve and how much, images if the item, and much much more!

Pre-Lotted Auction Bid Entry

The Pre-Lotted Auction Bid Entry screen is designed to receive bids for the items as they are sold by the auctioneer.

There are many tools in this screen such as the ability to sell by choice, combine items to sell together, split lots apart to sell to different buyers, or even to monitor the absentee and phone bids that have been recorded prior to the day of the sale.

… and much much more!

Download a copy of AuctionRPM and try today. Better yet, give us a call and we’ll install it on your computer while you watch! Call Dan (the guy who actually wrote the software!) at:

(209) 588-1232 -or- 805-557-8999