I want to get started with using AuctionRPM. What do I do First? 

You’ve just downloaded AuctionRPM and you don’t know where to start? This video is an introduction to the rest of the video series and starts you off right!

Overview of the AuctionRPM Main Menu

The main menu is where all operations of AuctionRPM can be found. This video shows you the different features of the main menu and helps you get the feel of how to navigate through all the features of the program.

Settings And Defaults

How is it possible to make one program that can adapt to all the different styles of auctioneer? One of the more powerful features of AuctionRPM is the Settings And Defaults feature which makes this possible. Settings and defaults lets you shape how the program works.

Watch this video and see how!

Master Data 

Organization is the key to any business, and it is no different with a good piece of software. Master data is a single place where all lists of information in AuctionRPM can be found. Click on this video to see all the ways that you can maintain your valuable data in AuctionRPM.

Pre-Lotted vs. Non-Lotted Auctions – Discussion

Do you maintain records on your inventory for sale, thus making it possible to create a catalog that can be handed out? Or perhaps … would the computer not know what is being sold until the very moment that it sells? This video discusses various approaches to an auction and shows how AuctionRPM can handle them all.