Tips & Tricks

AuctionRPM Software is pleased to present ‘Tips and Tricks’. These short tutorials are designed to enhance your understanding of the software, and help unlock the real power of AuctionRPM.

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Program Administration:

RPM Security System

Using ‘Mass Consignment Info Reassignment’, or How to Change Consignors and Associated Consignment Fees

Using ‘Inventory Category/Consignor Cross-Reference Table’, or How to Charge Differing Consignment Fees to a Specific Consignor

Net Reserves: Guaranteed Net-to-Consignor Payments

Standard Expenses (Using Inventory Categories)

Payment Types: New Feature, Faster Checkouts

Deletions: Items, Images, Buyers, Auctions, etc.

Use Word Macros – Save Keystrokes During Inventory Item Entry

Pre-Lotted Auction Bid Entry Screen: Maximize Your Productivity

Non-Lotted Auction Bid Entry Screen: Maximize Your Productivity

Multi-Parcel: Multiple Parcel Real Estate Auctions

Purchase Deductions – When A Consignor Is Also A Buyer

Web Catalogues, plus Web Site Builder/Publisher

Mailing Labels and Mailing Lists

Pass Out Bids / Clearing Bids / Deleting Bids

Splitting and Combining Lots

Audience Lot View Screen: Slide Show Extraordinaire! (Includes association of images with auction items)

How to Sell “Choice”

Correcting Bids – From Data Entry to Completed Invoices

Issue: – Cdatabase: Cannot Find the Database!

Windows 10 / 8 / 7 and AuctionRPM