Setting Up An Auction

There’s a first step for everything and when you are going to hold an auction, this is the first step. This video will show how to tell AuctionRPM about the auction that is to be held …. where it will be …. what taxes are to be charged, etc.

Inventory Management 

Do you conduct pre-lotted auctions? If so, then there are even more options available to you!

One of the more useful features of AuctionRPM is that you can use it to maintain a list of inventory that will be used in an auction someday. This inventory management feature allows you to keep track of all inventory in your warehouse wheather or not it is currently assigned to a lot in an auction. This video shows how.

Adding Lots To a Pre-Lotted Auction 

Are you an auctioneer that maintains a warehouse of inventory and now you need to assign that inventory to an auction? … or … do you just want to pre-catalog your auction?

This video discusses how to pre-lot your auction which involves letting the computer know what is going to be sold before the day of the sale. The data you enter can be minimal, or exhaustive including photographs – you choose!

Assigning Photos To a Pre-Lotted Auction

There are many ways to assign images to inventory that you have pre-lotted into an auction. These photos can then be used in catalogs, web pages, and even our presentation and projection screen called the ‘Audience Lot View’ screen (see a later video for more information on this feature).

This video shows some of the ways that you can assign images to your inventory.

Absentee/Phone Bids

Left bids and phone bids can be a hassle if they aren’t tracked well. However … they can definitely be an enhancement to your business! This video shows how they are tracked in AuctionRPM so you can get the best out of them!