Custom Form Processing

Many times there are forms that need to be filled out when an item is sold at auction.

Take an auto auction for instance. In most cases, the department of motor vehicles for your state will require bills of sale (as well as any number of other forms) to be filled out. These bills of sale are typically specific to each state.

The Custom Forms feature is a feature that allows you to design a custom form that is to be printed by AuctionRPM whenever it is needed. You can tell it to “fill in the blanks” on the form with any information needed such as the name of the buyer, consignor or the description of the item sold. It can even be set to print automatically whenever an invoice is produced for a specific category of product! VERY powerful feature.

Expenses – What, How, and Why? 

Selling a car and you need to charge title fees, doc fees, and the like?

Selling equipment that you needed to pick up and you want to charge a “pick up” charge to the consignor?

Are the consignors in this auction sharing the expense of advertising proportionate to the amount that each consignor sells at this auction?

AuctionRPM can handle it all. Watch this video to see how.

Auction Simulcasting 

There are various services that allow for the simulcasting of an auction. AuctionRPM has the ability to prepare data files that these services need in order to perform their duties. This video will show you how.

AuctionRPM – Connecting Multiple Computers (Networking) 

While AuctionRPM Software is not in the business of maintaining networks remotely, this video will help network administrators to know how a network using AuctionRPM is to be configured.