Audience Lot View 

The audience lot view screen is a place where you can present the lots that are being sold during the course of the auction. Designed for a projector, the Audience lot view screen creates a VERY professional presentation to your buyers and lets them know exactly where you are in the course of the auction.

Bidder Registration 

When bidders arrive they, of course, need to register for the auction. This video shows how the bidder registration process works. Keep in mind that this bidder regsitration process can be greatly streamlined with the use of our drivers license scanning ability.

Also … watch this video to see how you can keep track of how your bidders heard about the auction! This way you can see how well your advertising is working!

Bid Entry – Pre-Lotted Auctions 

Bid entry for pre-lotted auctions is a pivotal position during the auction. The bid entry clerk needs to keep focused and must have all necessary data entry tools at their disposal. Watch this video to see how this is done easily in AuctionRPM.

Bid Entry – Non-Lotted Auctions 

As with pre-lotted auctions, the bid entry clerk in a non-lotted auction must stay concentrated on the task at hand, but even more so now since ALL information about the item being sold must be entered. A special screen unique to non-lotted auction bid entry has been developed for this and this video will show you how it is used.

Creating Invoices / Invoice Management 

The bidder is finished bidding and now wishes to check out. The process couldn’t be easier and yet it has so many features to handle all situations. Watch this video to see how the invoicing system can help you to keep the lines short!

Don’t forget! We can run credit cards too! Ask us how.