Email Broadcasting 

Do you want to send email to your buyers to let them know that an auction is coming up? AuctionRPM makes it easy! This video shows you how.

Mailing Labels 

Sending out mailers is often a necessary part of your advance marketing. This AuctionRPM feature incorporates many important features that AuctionRPM provides.

For instance … did you know that you can tell AuctionRPM to print mailing labels only for the buyers that would be specifically interested in the inventory sold in THIS AUCTION? Yes! AuctionRPM can track the buying habits of the buyer and tailor your marketing accordingly!

Web Catalogs / Website Builder and Publisher 

What good is an auction if nobody knows about it? This video shows how you can produce catalogs for your pre-lotted auctions, and shows how these catalogs can be placed on your website.

If this appeals to you, be sure to ask about our realtime online catalog system!